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Are you on track to sell your home in Harrow before the stamp duty deadline?

When Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the temporary stamp duty exemption back in July, there was excitement in the air in Harrow. Those who had been thinking of moving in a few years started to have discussions on whether they should do it sooner. Families who had felt like the walls were getting smaller around them during lockdown began to dream of more space. But are you on track to sell your home...

Fuchsia Homes

A dog’s guide to finding a new home in Harrow

We have always been man’s best friend, but it seems this year more and more humans have been wanting to give us a home. They’ve been spending more time in their homes, and so have felt they have the time to help us settle into their family. For us, moving home is a huge experience, just like it is for you, getting to know not only where we’ll live in Harrow but also our new family. You have to be...

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