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How to sell your home faster in Harrow

Not even a pandemic can put people off moving home in Harrow and we have certainly seen an increase in buyers over the last couple of months. One thing that’s for sure is that the buyers we’re seeing at fuchsia homes are serious – they have done their homework and they have a clear idea about the property they seek. You may have been house hunting yourself and have your eyes set on your dream home...

Fuchsia Homes

Essential advice for first-time sellers in Ruislip

Do you remember the excitement you felt when buying your first home? The moment it caught your eye, the viewing when you fell in love, and the joy as your offer was accepted. We are sure that your first home has brought you much happiness over the years, but has the Chancellor’s announcement of temporary changes to stamp duty got you thinking?  Maybe lockdown has uncovered some frustrations in your...

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