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Fuchsia Homes is a modern estate agency based in Harrow.

Like most of your local estate agencies, Fuchsia Homes offers services in property sales, lettings and property management. Some of what we do is what you should expect from any good estate agent. This includes:

These are simply the basics in estate agency, and fuschia homes offers a whole lot more, at no additional costs…

Estate agency of the fuchsia!

How we go above and beyond

At Fuchsia Homes we pride ourselves on offering outstanding service and great quality products whilst always putting the interests of our clients first and foremost. 

In fact, Fuchsia Homes has been selected by the FIA (Federation of Independent Agents) to exclusively represent the HA1 area. It’s an honour to be a part of the FIA given that only agents with the highest standards and strongest ethics are invited to join.

Fuchsia homes is also an ESTA nominated agent for 2020! 

In addition, unlike your conventional estate agencies, Fuchsia Homes is constantly adapting and finding new ways to get your property to stand out in the market. 

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An in depth property consultation, not just a valuation.

One of our professionally trained and qualified property consultants will visit your property and conduct a detailed market appraisal. Of course, they will offer their expert advice on what the property is worth, however they will also advise on minor changes and home improvements to increase the chances of selling and achieving the best price. If you are selling to move home, they will help you to assess the costs involved and advise you whether selling is truly the right decision for your circumstances. They will personally help you with your new home search too. In other words, they will help you manage your entire move, not just your property sale.

Selling the lifestyle

Prospective buyers will develop an opinion of a property within seconds. First impressions are therefore vital. This is where home staging becomes fundamental. Ie. preparing a property to make it look visually stunning and attract the most prospective viewers.

Preparing for staging will mean you need to declutter (but not depersonalise) every room. Your property needs to feel welcoming whilst allowing the viewer to visualise themselves living in your home. You should keep some props ready. For example artwork, mirrors, a vase with fresh flowers and a laid table can help to add a nice finishing touch. 

Our professional photographer Dan will schedule a time to visit your property. Dan has 10 years of experience in property staging and photography. He knows exactly how to showcase a property and really make it stand out on the market. Dan will take a range of incredible photographs of your property and also create a detailed, digital, 360-degree virtual tour, allowing potential buyers to view the property online before coming to see the real deal. You won’t find quality photos or a virtual tour like ours anywhere else! The floor plan will also be prepared so the full process will take 1 ½ -2 hours.

With all these beautiful property photos now captured it’s only right we make the most of them. We’ll create personalised, targeted advertising campaigns especially for you. These images will be used in our window displays, on numerous property website portals and on social media. Using creative videos and tailored text posts with edited images of your property, we can assure you that your property will be top trending.

Targeted social media advertising

helping you achieve the maximum price

As well as the traditional advertising methods we use a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to boost viewings. You may already be aware of the power of social media when it comes to advertising in general, but did you know it has also massively impacted the way we buy and sell properties. Knowing how to harness the ‘digital draw’ of social media to maximise the selling potential of your home is now crucial.

Introducing Q&As with Jordan

Jordan provides an exclusive service, which no other estate agent is currently able to offer to their clients. 

What does a Digital Advertising Consultant do?

My role is to manage and maintain the advertising for each individual property. This includes creating bespoke property brochures, uploading stunning online adverts and posting tailored social media pictures and videos. I make sure each advert is targeted to reach the right audience. My goal is to make sure your property gets the maximum exposure so that you get more viewings and ultimately sell or rent your property faster and at the best price.

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital draw is the online equivalent of curb appeal. With 95% of buyers starting their property hunt online, a property with an exceptionally eye-catching online presence will appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

How exactly do you advertise on social media?

Fuchsia homes use paid targeted adverts on Facebook, Instagram and Google. This means that we are able to ensure that a property will selectively appear to users that are potential buyers or tenants. With the average user spending 40 minutes a day just on Facebook, there is a high possibility they will come across your property using our techniques. 

Similarly, with Instagram, fuchsia homes use targeted paid adverts that appear on your timeline whilst scrolling through your feed. We also create personalised, eye-catching video campaigns to display on our Instagram story with smaller clips and images on our own feed, allowing people to see the images, share and also inquire. This social media platform is perfect for enticing curious potential buyers and tenants, also allowing them to share images and details of properties and with friends, family and their followers.

What’s more fuchsia homes is currently the No.1 followed agent in Harrow on Instagram!

Fuchsia homes also goes one step further and uses Google Paid ads. Google display ads are seen by 90% of internet users which is a huge level of visibility and makes it one of the best platforms to advertise on.

Does digital marketing really work?

Absolutely! We have seen so many properties now rented or sold because someone spotted it online or on social media.

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