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Happy Young Couple Moving In New Home Unpacking Boxes

Your moving day is fast approaching and excited as you are to get into your new home, you’re not particularly looking forward to ‘moving’. There’s no doubt it’s stressful to pack up your life and memories and moving them from one abode to another. So here are 11 sanity saving tips to make your moving day more enjoyable.

Start Early

When leaving your packing to the last minute, you’re bound to end up taking a whole lot of stuff with you that you don’t want or need. Get yourself organised early by taking time to sort out and declutter each room, drawer and cupboard. Not only will this help you when presenting your home for sale to potential buyers, but when you get to your new home it will be filled with only the things you want.

Assembly Chaos

One way to avoid furniture assembly chaos is to ensure you have everything you need to hand. As you begin to take apart your furniture and furnishings, place all the screws, bolts, and bits and pieces in a labelled plastic bag or box. That way, when you come to put it back together you’ll have everything all in one place. If it’s complicated, take photos as you dismantle to help you remember where each piece should go.

Sanity 1
Sanity 1

Hidden Boxes

When it comes to packing, how many of us empty everything from a drawer to only it refill it again when we arrive? Drawers are big boxes, they just don’t have a lid. Grab some industrial strength cling film and wrap your drawers complete with contents; not only will this protect your drawer in transit, moving in will be a lot easier too.

Make It Easy

Here’s another way to make your moving day easier. Keep all your clothes on their hangers then transport in clothes bags or grab yourself a wardrobe box. What could be easier?

Tech Savvy

Not all of us are tech-savvy, but you can look like you are by reconnecting all your cables with ease when you move into your new home. But how? Just like with furniture, take photos of your tech, especially where and how each cable is connected. Place all the cables for each device in separate labelled bags. Now you will impress your friends and family with your new-found savviness.

Essentials Box

One of the most important boxes you should pack is the essentials box. This should be the last box on the truck or should travel with you so it’s ready for action when you arrive. Filled with tools such as screwdrivers, spanners and Allen keys, as well as rubbish bags, toilet roll, phone chargers, extension leads, essential medicines, toothbrushes etc. It will be this box that makes your moving day that little bit easier.

Sanity 2
Sanity 2

Dove Holes

As a courteous seller you will want to leave your old home in great condition, just as you would expect to find your new one. When you remove pictures and accessories from your walls you may find small nail holes. Before you grab some filler we have a great tip that involves soap – we’re reliably informed that Dove soap is great for this. In circular motions, work the soap into the hole and then lightly rub away any residue with a wash cloth.

Carpet Marks

If you liked that little hack, did you know that an ice cube can transform a carpet? How annoying is it when you move furniture around a carpeted room and you’re left with marks in the carpet tread. You can make carpets look like new again by placing ice cubes along the marks. When they have melted, vacuum the carpet to fluff it up again and the marks will disappear.

A Little String

Surrounded by mounds of boxes you now need to open, you have hopefully packed some scissors or a Stanley knife in your essentials box, but there is a simpler way. Before you tape up the top of the box, place a piece of string along the join – it should be slightly longer than the tape you place over the top. Then, you’ve guessed it, when you come to unpack all you have to do is pull the string and your box will be open.

Sleep Tightly

What should you unpack first? We suggest you start by building and making all your beds. Moving day is tiring, and there will be nothing better after an exhausting day than snuggling up in your own bed with the smell and feel of fresh bedding. A good night’s sleep is the least you deserve, even if your brain is racing with ideas for your new home.

Sanity 3
Sanity 3

Leave Warmly

Imagine the scene. You arrive at your new home excited and maybe a little overwhelmed. On the side is a lovely letter from the previous owners welcoming you to your new home. Not only that, there is a bottle and two glasses as well as a beautiful bunch of flowers. Kind gestures such as these don’t cost much, but they can mean the world to those who receive them. Give your buyers the kind of welcome you would wish for.

Even after so many years in the industry, we’re still picking up new ideas from our clients. We would love to know some of your moving tips!

Happy Young Couple Moving In New Home Unpacking Boxes

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