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Those who are looking for estate agents to manage their property often fall for the common misconception that all agents offer the same standard options. This leads some landlords into simply picking the cheapest option available.  In reality the services and management options offered can differ greatly.

What every landlord really wants is an option that offers exceptional value coupled with outstanding service. In other words, they want an option which provides them with a reliable tenant and a steady guaranteed income via a trusted agency. This is precisely what Fuchsia Homes can provide.

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Having a good tenant is a landlord’s dream. The ideal tenant is someone who keeps a property in good condition, pays the rent on time and takes out a long contract. For landlords on either of our management packages we will find them these tenants. We carry out referencing on all tenants as well as right to rent checks. We create the tenancy agreement and set up a nil deposit insurance policy or deposit registration (if applicable). We set up payment of rent via monthly direct debit and manage deducting of fees and other tenancy invoices. We even take care of the smaller details like the transferring of utilities.


helping you achieve the maximum price

If you haven’t heard of flatfair already they are the simple, safe and affordable alternative to tenancy deposits.

Instead of an expensive deposit, tenants simply pay flatfair a small one-off membership fee and cover the cost of any established charges at the end of their tenancy. Without an expensive upfront deposit, flatfair gives landlords a competitive advantage; their properties become more affordable and attractive to a wider scope of tenants. This also helps in reducing voids.

Flatfair helps tenants and landlords settle end of tenancy charges quickly, fairly and securely, whilst protecting everyone through Independent Dispute Resolution. They facilitate fast resolution of charges and disputes with tenants – in fact, landlords may even sell them unpaid established charges up to a total value of 12 weeks’ rent. If worse comes to worst, you can appoint flatfair to recover any additional sums at no cost.

In summary, flatfair uses cutting-edge technology to put landlords in pocket faster, leading to quicker turnover and fewer voids. By providing up front liquidity for any damages or rent arrears, they alleviate hold-ups caused by ‘frozen’ (where tenants don’t respond) or ‘withheld’ (where ongoing litigation results in delays) deposits, keeping landlords in pocket. Flatfair is also insured by an A-rated financial institution.

For agents and landlords, it’s free! For tenants, there is a small one-off fee equal to the value of 1 week’s rent (excl. VAT), replacing the need for an expensive tenancy deposit. 

Rent and legal protection

Never gamble with your biggest asset

Did you know that if a tenant fails to pay rent and ultimately has to be evicted it costs a landlord on average £1500 to evict a tenant? This is a combination of solicitor fees, court fees, bailiff charges etc. Then of course the landlord takes a hit on lost rental income too, which is generally 6-8 months worth of rent! 

With our Full Management package, Fuchsia Homes provides landlords with comprehensive rent guarantee and legal protection. This means even if a tenant fails to pay, they are still guaranteed to receive their rent. If it comes to an eviction ALL the associated costs are also covered. In the end it not only saves money but of course time and undue stress.

Client Money Protection (CMP)


Every year, unprotected landlords and tenants lose money when funds are misappropriated. The best way to ensure money is kept safe if something goes wrong is to always choose an agent who is a member of Propertymark. Propertymark is raising standards in the property industry, giving you the peace of mind that comes with Propertymark Protection.

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