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Landlord Compliance & Responsibilities

Letting your biggest asset can be a minefield of compliance. Let our experienced, professionally trained team at Fuchsia Homes make sure that you not only get the best possible price, from the best possible tenant, but that you do it all legally. If this all looks very complicated and you don't want the worry of ensuring your property complies with the law, let the Fuchsia Home Property Management team deal with everything

To assist you in understanding what needs to be done, we have compiled this list of key requirements and issues that you should have addressed before you let out your property.

  • Landlords Gas Safety Certificate: It is vital that we see an original, valid Gas Safety Certificate prior to the commencement of any tenancy where there is a gas supply to the property. This will need to be carried out by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. Please let us know if you require help in organising this. The certificate will last 1 year.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): You are required to have a valid EPC for the property prior to marketing. You may find that you already have this in place if you bought your property after Oct 2008. This certificate lasts 10 years.
  • Smoke Alarms: All residential lettings properties require a working smoke alarm on every floor. A carbon monoxide alarm is required in any room where there is an installation for solid fuel - i.e. open wood fire, wood burning stove, coal fire, biomass.
  • Electrical Portable Appliance Test (PAT): If you are leaving portable appliances in the property such as kettles, toasters and lamps then it is best practise to have these appliances tested.
  • Keys: Make sure you have enough sets of keys ready for the tenancy. We recommend three sets. Two for your future tenants and one for yourself or Fuchsia Homes to hold when managing the tenancy.
  • Satisfactory References Received: Once you are happy with the tenants reference checks, book in an appointment to organise the move in.
  • Electrical Installation and Condition Report (EICR): This certificate is a legal requirement if your property is going to be occupied by three or more adults that are not part of the same family such as three professional sharers or a couple and their friend.
  • Legionella  Risk Assessment: We recommended that as a Landlord you should carry out a risk assessment of your property prior to any letting. This assessment will last 2 years.
  • Consent to let: You will need to obtain consent to let from your mortgage lender if applicable.
  • Public Liability insurance/ Landlords Insurance: You need to ensure that you buildings and contents insurance includes Landlords Public Liability or is specific to landlords.
  • Inventory: It is strongly advised by all good agents that you carry out a professional inventory on your property.
  • Deposits: Know your obligations in relation to deposits and in particular how to protect the tenants deposit and serve legally compliant prescribed information and know your obligations in relation to the deposit when a tenancy ends.
  • Maintenance: Source and appoint qualified sub-contractors to carry out any necessary work on your property when necessary.
  • Tax: Comply with HMRC Non-Resident Landlord (NRU Scheme (if applicable)
  • Health & Safety: Adhere to the following regulations and carry out necessary safety inspections: Furniture and Furnishings, Electrical Equipment, Houses in Multiple Occupation; and Health and Safety
  • Right to Rent: Check the tenant(s) "Right to Rent" as part of the Immigration Act 2014

Please Note: this is not an exhaustive list of all your statutory and other obligations as a Landlord.

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