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Fuchsia Homes

6 easy ways to make your Ruislip home feel more organised

Last week saw the property market re-open and, as such, our Fuchsia Home branch has seen an increase in calls ...
Fuchsia Homes

You can now move home in Ruislip during the coronavirus outbreak

The last couple of months has seen many industries having to adapt to how they run their businesses.  At Fuchsia ...
Fuchsia Homes

How kerb appeal could aid a post-lockdown sale in Ruislip

The restrictions are starting to lift and although it will take a long time before things resemble what they were, ...
Fuchsia Homes

Why it’s a fantastic time to search for your new home in Ruislip

In this new world we find ourselves in, with the country in lockdown, many of us furloughed, and social distancing ...
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The popular lockdown addition that will add value to your Ruislip home

The lockdown has created many challenges we could not even have imagined even a couple of months ago. From spending your ...
Fuchsia Homes

How the lockdown is the ideal time to get your property ready for sale in Ruislip

Although the pause button has been pressed for many of us, that doesn’t mean that life has stopped. Having to ...
Fuchsia Homes

Ways to keep your mental health in check whilst in lockdown in Ruislip

The novelty of lockdown has worn off and for many, the reality has now kicked in. The World Health Organization ...
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How Fuchsia Homes are adapting to stay open

A week of successive announcements from the Government started to change how we ran our business. Then, with the announcement ...
Fuchsia Homes

How to survive if you must work from home

We are in unprecedented times; with things seeming to change by the hour, it is hard to predict what will ...
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6 Screaming Signs That It Is Time to Move Home

Everyone has their own reasons for deciding the time is right for a change and they want to sell their ...
Blog Post, Mistakes Edited

Buyers, are you making these mistakes searching for a home?

Searching for a home is exciting, but can also be stressful at times. For most of us, buying a property is ...
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How to find your perfect rental property in Ruislip

When you’re looking for a home to rent there are many things you have to take into consideration.  You want ...
Fuchsia Homes

Top tips to ensure your sale completes in Ruislip

You’ve placed your home on the market, your estate agent has marketed it and found a number of potential buyers, ...
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How houseplants can help win over buyers in Ruislip

Finding ways to bring the outside in is nothing new in interior design, but this year it seems we are ...
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5 Ways to turn chaos into calm, selling your home with children

Everyone with children knows that the point between calm and chaos is often virtually non-existent.  You could have made your ...
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Five Unwritten Rules For Buying A Home

You may be on the hunt for your first home or decided to move up or down the housing ladder. ...
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How staging can tell the story of your home in Ruislip

You may have heard of the term ‘home staging’, especially if you have sold your home before. Basically, home staging ...
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Could your garden be devaluing your home?

When you think about things that could be devaluing your home, you probably think of damp, subsistence, outdated décor, extensive ...
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Is your rental property what tenants really want?

The lettings market is forever changing, and we are not just talking about the wealth of regulations and legislation that ...
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Is now a good time to buy in Ruislip?

Did you know the average Ruislip home owner will make £22,500 per year over the next 10 years? It’s not ...
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Can you help yourself to a speedy sale?

There is one thing we know: no two sales are the same. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, there ...
Happy Young Couple Moving In New Home Unpacking Boxes

Save your sanity on moving day!

Your moving day is fast approaching and excited as you are to get into your new home, you’re not particularly ...
3 How The Sun Edited

How the sun can help sell your home in Ruislip & Ickenham

With soaring temperatures being enjoyed across the country, we have certainly been loving how the sun seems to put a ...
How Your Bathroom Can Win Over Buyers

How your bathroom can win over buyers

When selling your home, how you present it for sale is essential if you want to achieve the best price ...
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First Time Landlord & Growing A Portfolio

Things to think about before you begin…   What is your goal? Capital growth with the view of selling after ...
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