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How to find your perfect rental property in Ruislip

When you’re looking for a home to rent there are many things you have to take into consideration.  You want to ensure not only that the property meets your needs and lifestyle, but you have everything in place so you don’t fall before you have the keys in your hand.  At Fuchsia Homes we want you to make the right decisions; here is our advice on how to find your perfect rental property in...

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Is your rental property what tenants really want?

The lettings market is forever changing, and we are not just talking about the wealth of regulations and legislation that you need to abide by. Renting a property is now the norm for many, with the private rental sector continues to grow, yet it is estimated that landlords will be leaving the sector at just as rapid a rate. Tenants’ expectations are high. They are seeking a home and are willing to pay...

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Save your sanity on moving day!

Your moving day is fast approaching and excited as you are to get into your new home, you’re not particularly looking forward to ‘moving’. There’s no doubt it’s stressful to pack up your life and memories and moving them from one abode to another. So here are 11 sanity saving tips to make your moving day more enjoyable. Start Early When leaving your packing to the last minute, you’re...

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