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Are you on track to sell your home in Harrow before the stamp duty deadline?

When Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the temporary stamp duty exemption back in July, there was excitement in the air in Harrow. Those who had been thinking of moving in a few years started to have discussions on whether they should do it sooner. Families who had felt like the walls were getting smaller around them during lockdown began to dream of more space. But are you on track to sell your home...

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How to avoid a results fiasco when moving home in Harrow

Moving home, as we know, is one of the most stressful things you can do, and just like the thousands of students who were hoping to take their exams this summer, your plans may have been halted by the pandemic. Just when they thought things couldn’t get worse, the results fiasco has seen their stress levels rise as many are unsure of where their futures lie. It is so difficult to see our students in...

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How to test-drive a new community in Ruislip whilst in lockdown

The end of May saw Rightmove announcing their busiest day ever, with incredibly over six million visits in one day. Since the easing back of our industry our branch at Fuchsia Homes has received numerous enquiries from those looking to move within Ruislip.  Location has always been an important factor for those looking to buy a new home, but have your priorities changed since lockdown? Neighbourhoods...

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You can now move home in Ruislip during the coronavirus outbreak

The last couple of months has seen many industries having to adapt to how they run their businesses.  At Fuchsia Homes we have put various procedures in place in line with government guidelines to protect you and our team. Over the last week there has been a slight easing of the lock down and on Tuesday night we were told that government advice on moving home during the Coronavirus outbreak had...

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Why it’s a fantastic time to search for your new home in Ruislip

In this new world we find ourselves in, with the country in lockdown, many of us furloughed, and social distancing becoming the norm, it may seem a very strange time to start the search for a new home. You might have been thinking about moving before the pandemic but have now put your plans on hold; or maybe having to #stayathome has sparked a desire to move and you can’t get it out of your...

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Buyers, are you making these mistakes searching for a home?

Searching for a home is exciting, but can also be stressful at times. For most of us, buying a property is not something we do regularly, and so we follow the path that we believe is best. At Fuchsia Homes we see buyers making the same mistakes – we don't want you to fall into these traps. Why not take a moment and check if you are making any of these mistakes in your search for a new...

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Five Unwritten Rules For Buying A Home

You may be on the hunt for your first home or decided to move up or down the housing ladder. There are many things to consider when searching for a property, but have you thought about what is the right etiquette? To prevent you from slipping along the way I wanted to share with you five unwritten rules to buying a home. Pretending Doesn’t Win Fans We all love having a nosey around other...

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How staging can tell the story of your home in Ruislip

You may have heard of the term ‘home staging’, especially if you have sold your home before. Basically, home staging is the art of presenting your home in a way that immediately attracts potential buyers. It is more than decluttering, cleaning and organising; it’s about transforming you house into a potential home for someone else. One technique experts use is to tell the story of your home through...

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Is now a good time to buy in Ruislip?

Did you know the average Ruislip home owner will make £22,500 per year over the next 10 years? It’s not a good time... it's a great time! The amount of excitement we’re picking up in the office every day is quite something. We’ve got bags of experience between us and have seen the market at its best and its worst, but the way positive sentiment has grown so quickly over such a...

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Can you help yourself to a speedy sale?

There is one thing we know: no two sales are the same. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, there are always issues you don’t expect and complications to overcome. Control is not always in your hands, which can make the process feel very frustrating. Having the right team around you is essential, but you can still help yourself to a speedy sale. Your Team How much thought have you put...

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