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5 Ways to turn chaos into calm, selling your home with children

Everyone with children knows that the point between calm and chaos is often virtually non-existent.  You could have made your home look like perfection and behind you, the little darlings are unravelling your hard work. Living in a home you’re selling is never easy and, I have to admit, it’s an even bigger challenge when kids are involved.  This is one reason at Fuchsia Homes that we have put our heads together to find five ways to turn chaos into calm when selling your home with children.

1. Get your selling head on

It’s only natural that this property that you call home is filled with countless memories, but you have decided it’s time to move on and therefore you have to put a certain amount of sentiment aside.  Yes, it’s your home for now, but it’s also a property for sale and, as such, the decisions you make have to be made with this in mind. 

2. Appeal to all

This may be hard to hear but there will be buyers who will turn their noses up at your daughter’s princess bedroom.  Not everyone who views your home will have children, or they may not be the same gender as yours, so themed bedrooms could be a deal breaker.  When a buyer steps into your home, they are trying to see how they can make it their own; bold and specific colour schemes can prevent this from happening.

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Neutral colour schemes are always the best way to appeal to all, as you are creating a blank canvas from which the buyers’ imaginations can do the rest.  As much as it may niggle to paint over all your hard work, remember this is now a home for sale and, as such, your mind needs to be focused on the future and not on your past.

3. It’s a family affair

Moving home is something you are going through as a family; you know your children and how best to approach the move.  Some children prefer to be involved whilst others may be too young to understand the situation.  Try and include your children as much as possible so they feel part of the process, from sorting out their rooms to viewing houses.  The more they understand what is about to happen, the easier they may find all the changes unfolding around them.

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4. Organisation

I don’t think anyone actually realises how much stuff you acquire when you have children, it seems to pour out of every inch of your home with wild abandonment.  For buyers, rooms filled with your kids’ paraphernalia, from toys to teddies, cause a distraction and makes it hard for them to picture themselves living there.

You want to create organised spaces, as clutter can make your home look smaller and mess is very off-putting.  Storage needs to become your friend, keep all toys in boxes to make rooms look tidy and clutter-free.  As much as you enjoy seeing your children’s art work and recyclable material creations on display, they won’t get the same reaction from buyers, simply pop these away for viewings. 

5. Make it multi-purpose

Many families turn a space into a playroom, we can completely understand this and why it works for you.  But just like any other room in your home, you need to make this space appeal to as many buyers as possible, so we suggest you give it a multi-purpose feel. 

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As before, use storage to tidy away as many of your children’s toys as possible and keep the decoration neutral.  Little fingers have a habit of creating marks and artwork in unwanted places, so give the room a fresh coat of paint and, if the space allows, add a small sofa.  Try and keep the space as open as possible, it makes it easier for buyers to start seeing the possibilities rather than its one static use.

At Fuchsia Homes I want all members of your family to have a good experience when moving home.  If you would like more advice on how to present your home for buyers and how to prepare for a viewing, contact a member of our team today on 01895 527 116.

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